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From the rear cover of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Troubleshooting your PC

Every PC goes wrong at some point – but how do you know if it is a problem with the hardware, the software, or the wetware (that’s you!) And when this occurs, inevitably at the worst possible moment, where do you turn to for help?

Helplines are often misnamed, manufacturers manuals seem to be written in a foreign language – this book will solve your problems.

The Complete Idiots Guide to Troubleshooting your PC is for 2 groups of people: those who know that there is something wrong with their PC, but don’t know what, or how to fix it; and those who don’t know that there is a problem, but who are in for a big surprise sometime soon.

For all versions of Microsoft Windows from 95 to XP, this book covers everything from dealing with a completely dead PC to fine-tuning your Internet connection. It also provides practical guidance on how to avoid problems in the first place – simple, sensible ways to manage your PC, keep it up to date, keep it safe from harm, and make sure that nothing important gets lost if everything does go wrong.

This book includes:

* Detailed practical guidance on diagnosing just what’s wrong with your PC

* Step-by-step instructions on sorting out the problems

* Invaluable preventative steps to keep your PC safe and healthy

* FAQs at the end of each chapter

* A short-cut index to all questions answered in the book

* A guide to further resources

* A comprehensive glossary of common geek terms – in Plain English !

* Free online help and advice from the author (if you are still stuck!)

 A practical, easy-to-use guide to find out what exactly is wrong with your PC and how to fix it if it does go wrong


Chris Ward-Johnson has been a writer and journalist for more than 20 years, writing for The Times on technology issues, particularly personal computing and communications. He is the author of the Dr Keyboard and the Timesavers computer help columns in The Times, read by over a million people every week. Chris also runs the Dr Keyboard websites and now answers hundreds of questions every week.

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