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Table of Contents



Part 1: The Basics


Ch. 1: What’s Gone Wrong?

How To Check the Simple Things First And Make Sure You Don’t Make Things Worse

Dr Keyboard’s List Of The Really Obvious Things To Check When Something Goes Wrong

How To Be Confident You Won’t Push The Wrong Button – And How To Stop Things Going Wrong In The First Place

Questions And Answers

Ch. 2: Identifying The Source Of The Problem

Digging Deep To Find The Causes Of A Problem

What Have You Done To It?

How To Check The Symptoms

Narrowing Down The Potential Causes

Fixing The Problem

Questions And Answers

Ch. 3: Setup And Start-Up

First Things To Check With A New Computer

What Goes Where

What To Do First When It’s All Set Up

Questions And Answers


Part 2: Peripheral Problems


Ch. 4: Inside Your PC

Description Of The Inside Of A Typical PC

Essential Precautions To Take If You Want To Open Your PC Case

Questions And Answers

Ch. 5: Monitors And Displays

Some Definitions

Picture Quality

Step-by-step Guide To Optimising Your Display Settings

How To Work Out What Kind Of Video Card Is Inside Your Computer

Adjusting Your Display

Types Of Screens

Other Screen Adjustments And Screen Problems

Questions and Answers

Ch. 6: Sounds, CDs And DVDs

What to Check First If Your Computer Won’t Produce Any Sounds

How To Check Your Sound-playing Software And Drivers

Improving The Sound Quality From Your PC

Recording From External Source Onto Your PC

MP3, Audio Copyright And What You Can Do With Your Own Music

CD And DVD Drives (Including CD/DVD Writers)

The Main Problems Encountered With CD And DVD Drives

Types Of Drives Available

Questions And Answers

Ch. 7: Printers And Printing

How To Choose The Right Kind Of Printer For Your Needs

Why Won’t It Print?

How To Buy A Printer

Making The Most Of What You Have

What Next If It Won’t Print?

Questions And Answers


Part 3: Software And Hardware


Ch. 8: Operating Systems

What Is An Operating System?

Keeping Windows Up To Date

Types Of Upgrade

Questions And Answers

Ch. 9: Application Software

What Do Applications Do?

Office Productivity Software

Other Common Software Packages

Alternatives To Microsoft Office

Shareware And Freeware

Educational Software

Questions And Answers


Part 4: The Internet


Ch. 10: Connecting To The Internet

How Does The Connection Work?

Getting Connected

Using More Than One ISP

Making The Connection

Choosing A Method Of Connection

Staying Connected


Connectivity Problems

Choosing Software For The Internet

Questions And Answers

Ch. 11: E-mail

Sending And Receiving E-mail

Choosing An E-mail Address

Opening Attachments

Address Books

E-mail Software

Questions And Answers

Ch. 12: Now You’re Online

Optimising Your Internet Connection

Downloading, Saving And Installing Programs From The Internet



Message Boards


Questions And Answers


Part 5: Improvements And Modifications


Ch. 13: Connecting To A Network

Why Would I Want A Network?

What Do I Need?

How Networks Work

Network Protocols

Setting Up A Network

Setting Up Your PC

What You Actually Need To Buy To Connect Two Computers

Security Considerations

Questions And Answers

Ch. 14: Additional Storage

A Brief History Of Removable Storage For PCs

CD And DVD Drives And Writers

Zip, Jaz, Peerless And Other Removable Magnetic Media (Including Removable Hard Disk Caddies)

Tapes And Backup Devices

Network Storage

Online Storage

Questions And Answers

Ch. 15: Speeding Up Your Computer

Why Your Once-fast Computer Is Slowing Down

Simple Things To Do To Speed It Up Again

Getting Best Value For Money From Hardware And Software Upgrades

Questions And Answers

Ch. 16: Managing Disks And Files

How To Organise Your Files And Put Them Where You Want Them

Which Application For What Kind Of Files?

Formatting And Partitioning Your Hard Disk

Moving Files, Folders And Applications

Missing Files

Keeping Your Data And Disks In Tip-Top Condition

Questions And Answers


Part 6: Security And Avoiding Trouble


Ch. 17: Backups And Archiving

Backup Programs

What To Back Up

Keep Track Of What You’ve Done

What To Back Up Onto

Backup Methods

Backup Software

Backup Strategies

Questions And Answers

Ch. 18: Computer Security And Safety

What Are Viruses, Trojans and Worms?

Anti-virus Software

Online Security Threats

Things You Can Do Yourself

What’s A Firewall?

What To Do If You Think You’re ‘Under Attack’

Microsoft Updates

Other Product Updates

Testing The Security Of Your Computer

What Information To Give Out

Keeping The Kids Out Of Your Files

Safe Surfing For Kids

How To Verify That Someone Is Who They Say They Are/Prove That You Are Who You Say You Are


Questions And Answers


Part 7: Resources


Appendix 1: Quick Answer Guide

Appendix 2: Resource Guide

Appendix 3: Glossary

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